Entice Mobile App

Entice Mobile App provides comprehensive information and training in Emergency Medicine & Critical Care Procedures to doctors (both Allopathic & AYUSH), paramedics and nursing practitioners.

Detailed videos and medication descriptions make it easier to understand the nature of emergency, type of medicine to be administered, dosage, extent of impact, decision making, due diligence and the process of procedure execution.

Trained personnel will become proficient in executing emergency care on the scene, en route to the hospital, and at the hospital.


The App is an initiative by Entice Institute which is dedicated to train medical professionals on emergency medicine and critical care. Expert faculty members from eminent hospitals and academic background form the intelligence base, both for the app content and offline training within the institute.  Entice is a Training Hub Partner of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) for Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Medical Services (PGDEMS) Course.

The details of PGDEMS Course can be found  here…

Besides, the details of upcoming courses and workshops will be available at the app.

Currently it is available only on Android – Google Play. an iOS version is under development.


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