Certification in Critical Care Nursing (CCCN)

A Great Learning Opportunity for Nurses- Certification Course in ICU Nursing

Get hands-on training by critical care experts at Gokuldas Hospital in association with Entice Emergency Training and Critical Care Education Institute. This certification course in ICU nursing is the first of its kind in Central India. It comprises an extensive 6 months training module.

 The main focus of this course is ‘practical training’. Candidates will be mentored by highly  qualified intensive care experts. This course is an opportunity to get great exposure.

Importance of ICU Nursing Course

In today’s era, with so many hospitals coming up with advanced ICU care, there is always a shortage of good ICU Nursing Staff.

Usually the career of a nurse starts from wards and after minimum 2 – 3 years of floor duty

Why This Course?

The certification course in ICU training develops your knowledge of advanced nursing care and with this course and training; students (nurses) will be able to give quality care to critically ill patients. This course will aid in providing a personalized care plan as well.

Eligibility for Course

Eligibility for this course is GNM or BSc Nursing (including final year students)

Course fee:

25000/- only (less than one month salary of an ICU Staff)

The classes will begin in March 2019. Register today before the seats get filled.

Registration form is here

Entice Simulation Lab (Virtual ICU)

At ENTICE we have the first ever ICU simulator Lab of central India. A simulator is a virtual ICU created in a Lab with all the monitors and ventilators attached to a Manikin (dummy) and virtually any kind of critical care scenario can be run on that system including arrhythmia, Bronchospasm, Pneumothorax and so on, and the students are asked to manage it in real time. There are only a handful of such simulators available in India.

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Short Duration

4 Days a week classes for first 2 Months

100 Hrs

approximately 100 hours spent on theory and practical training of different ICU situations

Boost Your Career

a small 4 months course can change the direction of your career

Become an ICU Nurse

Trained ICU nursing staff is paid more than twice the amount of floor nurses

Virtual ICU

Learn managing critical patients with the help of manikins and simulators

First simulator of Central India

A simulator can create critical ICU situations in a lab. Students are asked to diagnose and manage the problem

Affordable Fee

The course is being offered for Rs 25000/-

Affrordable fee

The cost of the course is less than one month salary of an ICU staff.

Why Choose Us

  • Gokuldas is a leading hospital in cardiac and critical care
  • First of its kind course in central India to teach ICU Nursing
  • First ever Simulation Lab of MP
  • Recreating different ICU scenarios in practice environment
  • Covers Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support Training

Module 1-  Nursing Basics and Medical Ethics

  • Assessment of critically ill Patient
  • Monitoring in ICU
  • Basic Life Support
  • Charting, Record keeping
  • Medical Ethics and Medicolegal aspects


Module 2 – Planning Care

  • Multidisciplinary plan of care
  • Patient Safety consideration
  • Preventing common complications
  • Patient and family education
  • Transport of Patient

Module 3 – Respiratory System

  • Basics ( Anatomy, Physiology)
  • Pathological Conditions (Diseases of Respiratory System)
  • Diagnostic Tests (ABG interpretation)
  • Airway and Ventilatory Management

Module 4 – Cardiovascular System

  • Basics ( Anatomy, Physiology)
  • Pathological Conditions (Diseases of cardiovascular System)
  • Diagnostic Tests (Basic ECG, ECHO)
  • Hemodynamic monitoring
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Post Cardiac procedure care ( Angioplasty, Cardiac surgical Nursing)

Module 5 – Nervous System

  • Basics ( Anatomy, Physiology)
  • Pathological Conditions (Diseases of Nervous System)
  • Diagnostic Tests (Basics of EEG, CT, MRI)
  • Post Neurosurgery care




Module 6  – Burn and Trauma care

  • Common Injuries in trauma patients
  • Assessment and care in Trauma Patients
  • Nursing care in Burn Patients

Module 7 – Miscellaneous

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Management
  • Pain, Sedation, Neuromuscular Blockade
  • Hematology and Immune Systems
  • Endocrine system (Diabetic Patients)
  • Nursing Care of Obstetric and Gynaec patients
  • Nursing care in Renal Disease
  • Nutrition In ICU

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